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What kind of items do you buy?

  • broken, bent, or twisted jewelry
  • unwanted jewelry
  • old scrap gold
  • gold and silver coins
  • gold and silver bullion
  • gold watches, Rolex watches, etc.
  • broken, bent, or twisted jewelry
  • unwanted jewelry
  • flatware (flatware adds up faster in value–knives, forks, & spoons; serving pieces)
  • silver objects such as candlesticks
  • coins (old, collector, high silver content)

Platinum and all other precious metals

Diamond’s – small large any size or shape

Rolex, Tag Heuer, watches, Tiffany pieces etc.

How do I know this is the best place to sell my gold, silver or other precious jewlery ?

That is a very good question, There are several answers, we are local family that has been buying gold, silver, watches, diamonds, for over 45 years. This is a 3 generation family busines that works with clients for the long term and we will be here for many years into the future. As the Nashville area changes we will be here to help folks get the most money on the spot. It makes sense to do business with a local company that has 45+ years of experience that you can count on. We are your neighbors who were born here in Nashville. You know exactly where we are and that we work with you across a desk in our offices.


I have some silver pieces and gold jewelry that I haven't used in years.... It looks tarnished and awful. Do I need to clean it up before I bring it in to sell it?

No. There is no need to clean or polish items, we buy the items for the silver and gold content. We buy them to be recycled.

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